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Question 1: How do I TEST the Online Tutor service?

Answer: We have a 7 day FREE Trial period.

If our service is not for you you will know by the end of the trial period and you can cancel the service. If you like our service then do nothing and you will be asked to pay your first monthly subscription.

It's important that you know, you have unlimited contact during that trial period and we can use that time to create the best training program for you. We will listen to what you want to achieve and help you create the program that best meets your needs and wants - this is why we call it our V.I.P service.

Use the button here to start your trial.

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Question 2: How do I use the Online Tutor service?

Answer: When you register and become a member of "Online Tutor" you will contact your tutor via email. You can send your files, questions and homework for discussion and feedback. You have unlimited contact during your subscription period.

Once per month an appointment will be scheduled on Skype, so you can meet with your tutor. The duration of the meeting will depend on your needs and how to best move forward in achieving your goals. You can use a camera and microphone, or you may prefer to just type.

You will also be asked to join Online Tutor's list. This will enable us to contact you and send you any materials we think might benefit you as well as lessons to help you achieve more. We will also send you details on how to use the member's website.

Question 3: How do I contact the Online Tutor service?

Answer: When you register and become a member of "Online Tutor" you will contact your tutor via email. You have unlimited contact during your subscription period.

Question 4: What happens if the service is flooded with members, will I get help?

Answer: The V.I.P. service is capped at 20 members during any month. This means that if you are ONE of the 20 lucky members, you will get V.I.P. treatment.

Question 5: What can Online Tutor do for me?

Answer: Online Tutor is ready to help you to achieve so much more than you can on your own. When you are faced with a problem you can contact Online Tutor and discuss the issue.

Once per month, during your Skype contact, you will be able to solve immediate issues and create a plan that helps you solve the problem, so you can move towards your goals and achieve them. If you do not have goals then part of the session will be used to create the goals that serve you the best and push you forward in your studies.

Question 6: Can Online Tutor help me get motivated?

Answer: Yes, but up to a point. Motivation is linked to your goals. If you do not believe in your goals, or you do not believe it is possible, it is hard to get motivated, but when you operate with a high degree of belief, anything is possible and your motivation will be high.

Question 7: Can Online Tutor help me with time management?

Answer: Yes, Online Tutor will help you manage your time better, cut down on distractions and help you design your study timetable. You need to become more accountable for how you use your time and having powerful goals can really help you to use more of your time wisely.

Question 8: Can Online Tutor help me with everything?

Answer: No. It would be nice if we could offer that kind of service. Online Tutor will help you with your learning issues and in particular, your study skills, and your reading and writing skills. Most issues arise around answering the assignment question and we specialize in solving these issues.

Question 9: Can I really contact Online Tutor on a daily basis?

Answer: Yes absolutely! Online Tutor is here to help you with your current learning issues and will help by creating a plan of action you can use to solve your learning problems. You can contact Online Tutor any time, if you are a member.

Question 10: Will I have to wait long to get a reply from Online Tutor?

Answer: No. You are important and Online Tutor will reply within 24 hours. We understand. We know your problem is urgent and we will not keep you waiting.

Question 11: What happens during the Skype contact session?

Answer: Once per month you will have a session on Skype. You can get support if you have any issues with installing Skype.

Prepare before the session by having your list of questions to ask your tutor. If you are clear about your goals then the session will focus on the plan to achieve the outcome you want. For example, if you have problems editing your work then the focus will be on creating a checklist you can follow and exercises to improve your sentences, create paragraphs and develop proof-reading skills.

The main reason for the Sykpe contact is to make sure everything is progressing according to your plan. If there is an area that needs attention then the session will be devoted to that issue.

Question 12: Is there anyone who should not do online tutoring?

Answer: Our service is not suitable for you if you can't read.

We also know that if you can't concentrate then our service is not for you.

If you do not want to set goals and do not want to achieve anything, then our service is not for you.

Lastly, if you are still in primary school, then our service might not be appropriate for you.

If you would like to contact support and ask us further questions, please send your questions to:

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