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When was the last time you said to yourself I wish....?

It's not uncommon for any of us to be wishing, wishing wishing something would just happen and then we could be happy and never have to worry again. You know - like we get that job we really want and then everything is okay..why do things change? Why do we constantly have to change something.

Is what I'm doing good enough to give me the results I want?

Is there something that could be better? Is there a plan that is just not working out and you can't make the progress you want?

Do you need to improve something so that you can go the next step - land that special job you want? Live that amazing lifestyle that seems to be so far out of your reach because you can't make any progress? Have you considered online tutoring?

You know deep down that somewhere someone can help you and you're ready to ask for help, because you know you will save time if you do and you will get results quicker and you're right. That's what learning coaches do for their clients - they make achieving goals possible, because they've done it before. They know exactly how to move you forward.

You won't find too many successful people without a coach or a mentor. It's not likely that you will find any professional sports stars that do not have a coach.

Now what is more important "TIME" or "MONEY"? Most people will say "MONEY"..but they are wrong!

You can never get back TIME..but you can always get back money.

Just imagine your learning coach helps you get to the point where you land a great much is that worth? $50 000, $80 000, $100 000 per year x 10 years work = $500 000 minimum.

If your home tutor were to visit you at home you would be up for a substantial on-going cost and the chances are you would not be able to pay per lesson. The sad part is that your finances would stop you from seeking the very help that can make a difference.

You will find that this solution is cheap and so valuable that you will want to pay more and use the service for a long time once you test it out and realise how much you really get for $4 per day and the fact you have someone who takes a personal interest in you!

What price do you put on providing a "personal service"? Think about it - your tutor gets you closer to achieving your goal or helps you to achieve it. How much "TIME" will you save and how important is that?

If you could accomplish anything you wanted right now what would it be?

Think about it - why don't you think this goal is worth fighting for? Are you just content to make it a wish or are you seriously ready to fight for what you want?

Everyone really knows that personal coaching or mentoring is the only way, if you want results and someone that can help you to excell. Why would you cheat yourself out of achieving your goal? Why would you let anything spoil the chance of you getting what you want.

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You can fine-tune your program to suit you, according to your learning goals. Online Tutor helps you deal with your course of study and focuses on study skills and reading and writing skills.

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Benefits of Online Tutoring

  • Your online tutor will answer your questions and you won't need to leave your home to receive the service.

  • Your skills, knowledge and confidence will be enhanced by our able tutors.

  • Your tutor will help you to develop your reading and writing skills.

  • Your tutor will show you how to set goals and help you work to achieve them.

  • Online tutoring motivates you into action and teaches you how to improve your study techniques.

  • You can use the service at a time which is convenient to you - and you have as much contact as you need while registered.

  • Your tutor can help you edit your assignments at the draft stage - saving you time and increasing your written skills at the same time.

  • Please note that Online Tutor does not give special help in mathematics at this time. .

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    Cancellation Policy for Your Subscription
    Online Tutoring Cancellation Policy

    If you decide to cancel your online tutoring membership you will be sent all the details you require to stop your membership at any time you desire. Once you are on the Online Tutor list you will get your lessons and you can contact us daily if you wish to get support and help with your learning goals.

    Customers can cancel their recurring billing service at any time during the rebill schedule. Upon receipt of an installment cancellation request, installments will be cancelled. Understand that you can cancel at any time. A cancellation means that no future installments are charged to the customer's account. Cancelling a recurring billing product does not generate a refund.

    Get Your Problem-Buster, FREE ONLINE Course and "Your Study Tips"!

    I'm not achieving and could use your help. Please send me my 10 HELP Sessions and MORE.

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