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"I studied like hell for an upcoming test..but as soon as I finished reading the chapter..I couldn't remember what I had just read..it would not penetrate into my brain."

Can you relate to this?
Is this what happens to you? How would you like to be one of the next 125 people that breaks this OLD PATTERN and is able to admit: I read with excellent comprehension and I remember? Keep reading because I'll tell you just what you have to do!

Do you have a problem getting started? You want to do that assignment but you just don't know how to make a start, or perhaps the ideas are floating in your head, but you just don't know how to put them down on paper.

Now, study skills deals with that and more..in fact it is delicately tied with success. By that I mean that if you "learn to learn" better, you stand to make more progress throughout your life....on the other hand if you continue to use ineffective methods you will get what you've always got...and what's worse is ..you LOSE!

I have a solution for you today!

This is what one person had to say about her one to one, study skills sessions:

***I have enclosed my results for Anatomy & Physiology exam finals. I wrote as one of my goals was to achieve 84% during the study skills course(at the time I think you may have wondered if my expectations were too high) - I actually did receive a distinction. I was so pleased!! Thank you for all your patience and help on those Thursday nights.
Jan Walton, Mandurah, W.A.

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The Study Skills Email Course


Learn why "TIME", "GOALS" and "ACTION" have more to do with your success than anything else!

Are You Winning or Losing the Study Game?

Sometimes all it takes to get on top is to assess where you currently are and what is missing. If you are not sure how to fix things and learn more efficiently then consider our NEW Study Skills Eclass.

How You Will Benefit

This class is available over 10 days and via email straight to your email box. This way it doesn't interfere with your schedule and you can go as fast as you like. Each day you receive your lesson and it would be a good idea to complete it day by day, but if you have a busy scedule you can decide when you will complete it.

The Course Outline and Benefits


Everyone needs to have goals and that's where things start.

Time Management:

If you are not organized you will not achieve your goals so we need to set priorities.


We see reading and writing as two of your most important tools.


We will look at how feedback can help and we have a special writing project for you to complete.

The Assignment:

Reading the assignment and research are important we will devote some time to them.

You will get further instructional materials as part of each lesson and finally you will also connect with Online Tutor. During your conference you will be able to ask questions and discuss your challenges and finally create a plan for over-coming any barriers in achieving your goals.

The best part is that this Eclass is being offered at a shockingly low price of $49.95, for a limited time. So rush in and register now before there is a price update. Due to the fact that it is a new course, we have discounted the price.

What you will achieve:

1. You will learn how to set goals by employing 3 steps.
2. You will learn how to organize your time to achieve your goals.
3. You will learn which skills you need to focus on to help you achieve.
4. You will learn how to maximize your time and efficiency to develop good learning habits.
5. You will improve your focus and motivation by becoming an active learner.

6. You will be more organized and successful.

This truly is remarkable value and exactly what you get with our Online Tutor services. Be quick and learn how you can start to achieve your goals today. Is there something right now that you would really like to change? That is what this offer is all about - making the changes you need in your life...right NOW!

I get a buzz out of seeing others succeed and I'm sure you're going to feel so much better when you decide to take action - do it NOW!

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Take a few minutes out of your busy life to plan HOW you want your life to be........if you don't do this you will rob yourself of the SUCCESS you really desire.

You want to be just like the eagle: it flies overhead and can see it's whole world right in front of it's eyes. You can get the BIG picture too...in fact that's the best way to create your dream.

Imagine the next time you walk down the street feeling on "top" of things and knowing you are the driver and NOT the passenger. Feeling confident about your plan and self-motivated; knowing that you can do virtually anything you put your mind to because now you have the means to achieve.

You tap into the feedback that helps you re-focus on your target - no one will ever take away from you what you are learning: self-reliance, personal discipline, curiosity, application, persistence and the patience needed to perform at a HIGHER level.

  • Find out which ONE thing can make you grab the lead and perform like an athlete.

  • Find out which switch, once activated, will program your brain to a higher level.

  • Find out which skills you can develop on a daily basis and in the context of your normal work to give you a marked improvement in your learning behaviour - no other program I know has this information, ONLY this BONUS 10 study skills tutorials have this technique, used over and over again with so many students. You're going to not only have the benefit of the guide, but also this Special Bonus

  • Find out why someone can achieve an 84% success rate when their previous track record suggested that such a result was a "pipe dream".

  • What is it that we have locked up in us that holds us back or pushes us forward? It's not all content..it's not all to do with skill. Have you got this magical gift and failed to use it?

  • Why does Einstein fail at school but is now remembered by the world?

  • Learn why you are most probably NOT dreaming enough?

  • Have you lost the curiosity that helped you learn to walk as a babe? Would you like to GET it back? How is this ONE THING affecting your success rate?

    Have you ever wanted a personal coach like the pros but could never afford one? Have you ever heard of a professional who got to be "the best", all on their own? Ever heard of sports stars not needing their OWN coach? This course is the next best thing to having someone sit right beside you - your personal guide. When you get stuck you can email me and I'll try to get you going - look for my EASY CONTACT details at the end of this letter.

    You owe it to yourself to be like the "best". I'm saying that everyone has the magic powers and all you need is the magic ideas to ACTIVATE your mind so that you can achieve.

    If I was to offer you right now something that would improve your performance and which would create the biggest effect in your life, would you be interested? If you had good learning strategies you could use them again and again to help achieve the success you want.

    What I give you, you can apply to other situations - so it becomes very valuable.

    How will things be different after you complete the course?

    * You will have more confidence.

    * You will have new strategies to get you better marks and over time your marks should begin to improve.

    * You will have improved your study habits, become more organzied and waste LESS time.

    * You will be able to direct your achievement instead of waiting for it.

    * You will find "making a start" a lot easier.

    * When you follow the instructions you will learn better.

    * You will Learn the secrets of how to get personal progress and how to beat your past performance.

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    Include Your Questions

    You don't think that I want to miss anything as important as your questions? No Way! I want you to mail me your questions so that I can answer your biggest study problems.

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    Get your copy now and IMPROVE your learning skills. You benefit from 20 years of my experience as a classroom teacher and from many years of helping people achieve their goals.

    The manual itself started as an activity book in 1994 and took about 6 months to write. I changed the look and direction in 1996 and elaborated on the following sections:

    1.) Attitude and Your Success
    2.) Setting Goals
    3.) Getting Started
    4.) Creating Your Study Environment
    5.) Equipment
    5.) Creating Your Timetable
    6.) Answering the Question
    7.) Reading and Writing Skills
    8.) Revision
    9.) Preparing Oral Presentations

    This guide still continues to be my best seller even after all this time. I put it down to giving people the direction and help they need in a simple way.

    How much is this valuable E-Class? I'm glad you asked. It won't break the bank..in fact it is so reasonable that depending on this test I may increase the price. You see, at this price you would not be able to find better value and an easier way to achieve your goals. I would be holding back if I told you you didn't need to work towards achieving your goals, but what I can say is I will give you a workable plan.

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    ***For the two terms that I did tutoring I have passed more tests (achieved 90% for maths) and improved a lot in other class work. I am also paying more attention in class.
    Aaron Swan, South Yunderup,

    ***The tutoring I received was extremely beneficial and helped me to achieve a "B" in English and allowed me to also improve in other subjects. Now I hope to get my apprenticeship. I appreciate everything that Tutor Help did for me - thanks Joe.
    Ryan Boneham, Greenfields, Mandurah

    ***I'm not afraid to ask questions and try things for myself if it looks difficult. I'm also better at working things out because I keep trying until I get it.

    That no matter what you do you will always have to use maths and its not hard unless you make yourself think it is.

    I am now handing in every assignment in on time where before I wasn't.
    Jarrad Stevens, South Yunderup

    We are rewarded for what we know and what we do with what we know.

    How would you like your life to be?
    Are you ready now to make it happen?

    Okay...you made it to the end of my letter. Thanks for taking the time. I'm really excited that I might get a chance to meet you. You know my oldest student was in her 60's and was studying history at university and my youngest was 6 years old.

    So you could say I've had a bit of adapting to do!! I'm excited because I don't know anything about you and I might be working with you soon. You see I really get excited about getting phone calls or letters from people I've worked with and them saying:

    "Hey Joe! Guess what? I achieved my goals - I passed with distinction!"

    Things like that..it feels good.


    Now if you can't report back to me with a smile on your face after 60 days and tell me about the improvement this offer has made to your learning and achievement - KEEP the study manual and I'll give you a FULL REFUND. That's right...keep it for a FULL 60 days...learn all you can and use it daily and if you aren't happy with your E-Class ask for your refund and I'll gladly send you your money...OKAY?

    I'll tell you right now that the ONLY failures I've had are the ones that have not tried to use the techniques. Just the other day I spoke to one of my past students and she told me she still has all the notes and the manual and that she whips them out every time she has a new assignment or has a problem getting started.

    Your Online Tutor

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