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We have been very happpy with the tutoring Joe has been giving our daughter for the passed 2 years. Emily's results at school improved along with her confidence. Joe has a quiet, calm approach and is willing to try different techniques until he finds something that suits and works with the student. Thanks for your help so far.
Regards Jane and Ash

I have been a lot more motivated and learnt techniques for approaching my work instead of not knowing where to start.
  • Good advice when I needed study skills.
  • Learnt how to approach and attack my essay.
  • Good advice on planner and time management.
  • Interesting and fun - I enjoy the sessions.
    Matthew Fernandez

    The past 20 weeks of tutoring from Joe, has improved my English tremendously. Joe's way of explaining things and endless patience makes the hardest of tasks easier to conquer. Thank you Joe, for all your help.

    Brandon Carter

    Alanna received a 66.78 in her exams. She didn't do all that well in her History, which bought her score down. The good news is that she was accepted into Notre Dame and starts this term doing a Bachelor of Behavioural Science and is very happy about that. Thank you for all your help, I am sure without it she wouldn't have done as well as she did.
    Donna Forrest

    I have been to many study skills and essay writing lectures and have had help from various tutors in the past, but have not felt as good about my level of school work since meeting Joe.

    My grades have improved, particularly in all my essay writing subjects. Joe is a very nice person to talk to and has made me feel brilliant towards even my smallest successes.

    Thank you.

    Zarna Geraghty

    For the two terms that I did tutoring I have passed more tests and improved a lot in other class work. I am also paying more attention in class.
    Aaron Swan

    The tutoring I received was extremely beneficial and helped me to achieve a "B" in English and allowed me to also improve in other subjects. Now I hope to get my apprenticeship. I appreciate everything that Tutor Help did for me - thanks Joe.
    Ryan Boneham

    I have enclosed my results for Anatomy & Physiology exam finals. I wrote as one of my goals - to achieve 84% during the study skills course(at the time I think you may have wondered if my expectations were too high) - I actually did receive a distiction. I was so pleased!! Thank you for all your patience and help on those those Thursday nights.
    Jan Walton

    When I started I could not spell as good as I can now so I feel very impressed with my spelling plus I have picked up speed with my work and to learn faster.
    Bradley Hamilton

    Tutoring has helped me with my writing skills and improved the quality of my writing.
    Whitney McKormick

    Tutoring has been helpful to me by giving me the confidence in writing my essays. I have gained a lot of knowledge that has helped me to succeed in bring UP results in school. The time spent with my tutor has been surprisingly fun and enjoyable whilst learning different approaches to writing.
    Brooke Stephen

    I feel my spelling and grammar improved greatly. My essay espression has also improved as well as paragraphing and sentence structure. Tutoring taught me to organize my notes and to plan for essays before writing them so that I know clearly what I am going to write. I feel that after tutoring I am able to understand concepts such as: attitudes, values and structure better. My maths also improved.
    Jasmine Daniels

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