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What Happens During the Trial Period?

During the 7 day trial period we fine-tune the program to suit you, according to your learning goals and where you are at right now. Online Tutor helps you to create a plan to deal with your course of study and focuses on improving study skills and developing your reading and writing skills.

During the trial period you will have 2 conferences with Online Tutor - one at the beginning and one at the end of the trial period. All conferences are recorded and you will get the recording. Not all members will be accepted to continue in the program. Participation in the program will depend on how well each member is suited to working with Online Tutor, in order to be selected for the program.

During your conference time we get specific and design the program to help you achieve your goal. Want to get better marks in assignments? No problem - Online Tutor will guide you to improve the quality of your presentations and make sure you improve the way you answer questions. F.A.Q.s - Frequently Asked Questions

Start Your Online Tutor, 7 Day Free Trial!

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The Online Tutor monthly V.I.P. Membership, gives you access to your tutor on an ongoing basis for $299 per month, for as long as you want your personal tutor. After 12 months you will need to create a new subscription. You will get daily email support and 1 SKYPE consultation per month to create, or modify your learning program and evaluate your learning progress.

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Online Tutoring Cancellation Policy

If you decide to cancel your online tutoring membership you will be sent all the details you require to stop your membership at any time you desire. Once you are on the Online Tutor list you will get your lessons and you can contact us daily if you wish to get support and help with your learning goals.

Here is what one student says about her sessions on essays:

"My experience with tutoring was very helpful and engaging. I learnt how to write an essay and we went through the essay structure and what to keep in mind whilst producing one. I feel a lot more confident on the topic now."

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